Cadet Of The Month


Congratulations to the cadet of the month for December. Cadet Corporal Rothnie. She has demonstrated Great Leadership as a LE-2 in the program. She has shown up to all clubs she is enrolled in and not missed a day. Those clubs are Academic bowl, Morning Physical Training and Marksmanship. Also outside of JROTC she is apart of SADD. She shows much involvement in and outside the JROTC classroom. We hope all junior cadets look up and want to be like her.


Congratulations to the Cadet of the Month of January, Cadet Private First Class Sulonen.  He demonstrates what it means to be an LE1 in the program and has a lot of potential going forward.  Sulonen has shown an exemplary amount of dedication and skills in the different clubs he participates in.  The clubs being Morning Physical Training, Junior Varsity Drill, and the Cyber Patriot.  He has shown up to community service events and participates in class.  We hope that other LE1’s follow in his footsteps and congratulate him in receiving Cadet of the Month.